Melissa Haywood

Hi everyone! My name is Melissa Haywood and I am an IFBB Figure Pro and body transformation and competition prep coach. I am an ex serving soldier and was in the British Army for 9 years. I first started weight training in 2012 after reading Muscle and Fitness her’s magazine whilst on exercise in Canada. I saw pictures of all these gorgeous fitness models and instantly thought ‘I want to look like that!’. I was already relatively fit due to the nature of my job but I had never lifted weights before and once I started, I got addicted!

I wanted to challenge myself further so I set myself the goal of competing in a UKBFF Bikini Fitness competition. I won the British finals in 2012 and competed all over the world as an amateur in 2013 – 2014 and in July 2014 I won the UKBFF English Grand Prix and was awarded my IFBB Pro card. I first started competing in Bikini but now compete in Figure and recently placed 5th in the IFBB Portugal Pro and 4th in the IFBB LA Figure Pro Championships.

Health and Fitness is my passion and during my years of competing I have had good and bad experiences with prep. I have been the girl on 2 hours of cardio a day, extremely low calories and zero carbs, i’ve suffered with binge eating, had low body confidence and self esteem and i’ve also had my hormones affected by dieting. I believe if it wasn’t for these experiences though I wouldn’t be able to help others the way that I do. I want to help others have a healthy relationship with food and training, achieve body confidence as well motivate them to reach their goals, whatever they might be.

On this site I will blogging my prep, journey post show, talking about training, nutrition and helping you as much as I possibly can. You will be able to ask me questions in the forums and my aim is to not only inspire you to work hard for what you want but also support you along the way.

I look forward to seeing on the site!